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ALWAYS choose a licensed & bonded Auctioneer when dealing with an estate for accountability and legality

We will deal with EVERYTHING from Entire Estates down to small collections.



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Have Something To Sell? Consign With Us

  • Cheapest In The NorthEast & Southwest

  • Fully licensed, bonded & insured auctioneers

  • NO Set up charges and financially one sided contracts

  • No Cleaning costs or hourly rates (common with competitors) 

  • Free Appraisal service 

  • Ability to sell anything, From the house to a diamond ring.

  • A fantastic private sale service which means the public DO NOT need to enter your property- very popular during the Covid-19 pandemic and for senior clients 

  • A Downsizing/Liquidation Process That Will Work For YOU!

Based in Amherst New Hampshire, Serving New England & Arizona 

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